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Strength in Feathers 

Writing | Wellness Coaching | Workshops

Falmouth, Cornwall


Individual Wellness Coaching

One-to-one coaching to help you feel more accepting of where you are, and more hopeful about the way ahead. Coaching is all about questioning and curiosity to gain clarity, and the way I do this is gently.  


Workshops & Circles

I run a range of gatherings to nourish our wellbeing and encourage connection. These include women's circles, journaling workshops, social beach cleans, and retreat days. You can also contact me to arrange a bespoke session for your group. 

"The tools that Emily provided have supported my work and will continue to support me in the future as I continue to apply them."

How I Have Helped:

"Having time away from my usual day-to-day to reflect and take stock was really helpful and allowed me to clarify many things."
"It challenged me to think about things differently & how journaling can help me stay positive & build resilience on days when life is more challenging."
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