As well as running Strength in Feathers CIC, my 'day job' is Instagram management and content creation for small businesses. I help busy entrepreneurs tell their stories and cultivate their presence online. 

Less jargon, fewer tricks; honest words, beautiful pics 📸


My Background:

- English & Creative Writing degrees

- Founder of both a commercial copywriting business and a non-profit organisation. 


There are lots of social media managers out there, and each of our offerings are slightly different - there is no 'right' way to do social. It's about finding what works for you.

My approach is to keep it pure and simple, focusing on the human beings rather than the algorithms. This works best for small businesses with a story to tell. I create words and pictures to show you off at your best, in front of the people who need to see you!

I do hashtags, but I don't do extensive data tracking. I follow relevant people and their accounts, but I don't use follow/unfollow bots.


I talk to commenters because I love to hear what they think!


I schedule content, but override it if there's something topical that day. I do stories, but only when it feels right. I am a human, not a machine.

You'll soon find what feels right for you with your social management approach, keep playful and stay human.

A huge part of social media management is about TRUST. You're giving over some control to someone else, and that is a big deal when your business is your baby!

For me, it's essential that my values align with my client's personal and brand values. So, what's important to me?

- Honesty
- Clarity
- Aesthetics

It's a two-way street when we decide whether to work together. 



One of my ways to help you with your social media is a one-off consultancy session. We'll meet for 2 hours and dedicate all our joint energy into making your Instagram the best it can be.

We'll review your profile, imagine your audience, and plan how to produce content in a way that works for YOU and your brand.

These work best in person (Falmouth or Penryn) but can also be done online.


£75 for 2 hr session, DM me to book.

Blogs & Newsletters:

If you'd also like support with your written communications, talk to me! I love creating marketing emails and copy for websites. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help. 


Retainer Management


One of the ways I can help you with your Instagram (and cross-post to Facebook if you wish) is by taking on management of it on a retainer-basis. This means I have the logins and post on your behalf, with you putting in as much or as little input as suits you at the time. 

Some of my clients message me on a casual weekly basis, dropping info and pics in a group chat. Others work with me for an initial briefing and then take a step back and don't have to worry about it at all! The frequency of our check-ins is up to you. 

My two current packages for retainer are: 


- Initial profile review and style advice, tweaking current profiles/bios/link/about info.  
- 2x grid posts a week using image/canva graphics, each with a developed caption and relevant hashtags. At least one of these will be a video/reel. 
- Organic stories managed in response to real time events.   
- Monitor and respond to messages and comments, passing on any specific enquiries to you. 
- ‘Community curation’ of following and chatting to industry relevant accounts, influencers and customers 


- As above but with 4 x grid posts per week (2 to be videos/reels).

For working together I suggest a three month minimum to start off with as it tends to take a couple of months to get the ball rolling and start seeing results - after that we’ll give each other one month notice of any changes.

To talk about how I can help you, email me.