Being Polite To The Instagram Spambots...

Instagram lovers, how do you deal with spammy automated replies on your posts!?

This was too good an example not to share... 'fabulous and classy' those donkeys!!

In a bid for 'social growth' many Instagram accounts will set up automated responses to certain hashtags. A comment, like the one shown here, will be posted completely out of context with no human engagement whatsoever!

I like to reply to these; partly because I find it funny, but also to play the game with the algorithms and show Instagram that I'm the kind of user who will personally reply to every comment. I'm always polite to the spambots, you see... and I hope it makes my followers smile too!

But I want to ask you, do you have a specific technique for dealing with spam?

I wondered whether I'm accidentally using hashtags which attract this kind of automated behaviour... I've heard of this happening if you use lots of #followme #sponsorme #like4like #comment4comment type of tags. But I don't do this.

Reviewing the tags that I used, they all seem pretty on-topic and relevant, although potentially quite broad. I asked some fellow business owners for their advice...

Insta-expert Simone Hadley of Eliza Rose said:

' I mostly just ignore the spam ones, sometimes I delete them if it’s really off topic. With the hashtags, you are using some really big ones, #exploring has over 12 million posts and #volunteering and #donkey both have around 1.5 million, so you are more likely to pick up spam people/comments than if you used smaller ones (500k and under)'

This makes a huge amount of sense - they're not usual hashtags for me to use either, so it really shows up that I hadn't done my research in this area!

And jewellery business owner Izzy McDermott also shared a valuable story which comes with a warning about the perils of the quest for 'social growth':

'A woman on IG had followed all my followers and had some bot following and unfollowing everyone once a month or so, and leaving generic "Love this one!" comments on their photos. When we eventually messaged to ask her to stop, it became apparent that she had employed a company to grow her account, and had no idea of what was happening!'

This really says something to be about the integrity and value of social media - how can it all get so contrived!?

I find Instagram enormously useful to keep up with what local business around me are doing. My following isn't enormous, but I do all my activity 'in-app' and have built several meaningful client relationships from Instagram introductions. The platform can be used in so many different ways, and you, as a business, just have to decide how you want to conduct yourself.

That's my thought for the day for you! And if anyone has any more hilarious bot-comments, please send them my way for a giggle...

Emily x