Creative Networking: The Self-Employed Essential

This weekend I went to the first of what we hope will be many Creative Networking events organised by Harriet, The Cornish Rae...

Gathering at Huddle cafe in Falmouth, sixteen local creatives chatted, laughed and got our hands messy making beautiful terrazzo coasters with the lovely Hazel of Badger and Birch.

Setting the scene on a Sunday morning, the vibe was instantly relaxing and welcoming - no pressure to network and 'sell sell sell', each of us was purely there to have a crafty morning, learn a new skill, and put faces to names we've 'met' on Instagram!

We live in an age of strange phenomenons: one of which is the ability to know a considerable amount about a person and their creative work through social media, without ever having crossed paths in real life. There was plenty of this happening on Sunday morning and it's always such a pleasure to spend 'real' time together over a good old fashioned cup of tea! (I can neither confirm nor deny that there may have been prosecco popped at 11.30 in the morning...)

Many of us in the room are self-employed creatives living across Cornwall, and recognise all too well the importance of networking events, collaborative projects and meeting new faces. You never know where your next opportunity is going to come from - whether it be work related or a personal development project. It's important to spend time with positive people who support and understand your work-style: feeling isolated can be a slippery slope for the self-employed. Self-resilience is essential, and supportive groups are invaluable for keeping yourself afloat.

I'd like to say a huge thank-you to Harriet and Hazel for organising the event, and hello again to everyone I met on the day. I'm looking forward to the next Creative Networking event already, whilst my handmade terrazzo coasters sit proudly on my kitchen table as a reminder of a wonderfully productive Sunday morning...