Lockdown Life Lessons: Assimilating Our Different Personas

Like many people during the Covid-19 lockdown, I have been spending time sorting out the house and going through my wardrobe. It can be so refreshing to step back and look at our accumulated 'stuff' and thin out what we no longer need.

However, this isn't always as simple as it sounds. I definitely have parts of my wardrobe which suit different types of my work, social life, and personality. There are tops which I try on, wear for an hour, and then discard as 'just not right'. These would be the perfect items to hand on to a charity shop or put into a clothes swap...

But I don't. My tendency is to say 'It's not right for now, but it might be needed if I am in x, y, z situation in the future'. For example, there are dresses which I wore during my teacher training when I had to be smart and practical, that I would never wear in my everyday life now because they don't feel like me.

So why am I keeping them?

Of course there are different outfits for different occasions; but if something feels inauthentic and 'not like me', should I wear it? I'm starting to think not. I do dress more smartly for delivering a workshop or going to a business networking event, but I also think that my outfit on these occasions shouldn't be completely at odds with how I dress when walking to the beach, or going for coffee with a friend. In my small town, I'm likely to bump into the same people anyway!

All of this builds into constructing personal identity, which is always changing and has many strands to it, whoever you are. For me, it's a goal to assimilate my 'work' and 'home' and 'social' lives so that they fit harmoniously with each other. This should be reflected in the way I dress and present myself, too - and hopefully this makes for a simpler life all round. No more being caught out by the wrong people in the wrong situation. I am who I am and that needs to be as stable as possible, in a time when everything around us is so chaotic! So I'm simplifying my wardrobe, and when the charity shops are open again I'll be dropping off as much as I can in a bid to create clarity and space in my head as well as my cupboards.