Musical Chairs: Changing Your Workspace to Keep Motivated

Do you work from a dedicated 'office' or do you vary your workplace from day to day? As many of you know, I can often be found in a cafe, co-working space, or at my kitchen table.

At the moment I'm house-sitting in Winchester, which means working in a completely new environment for a couple of weeks. This is definitely helping me to power through the dull winter days. Especially with creative work I think we need to sometimes take a break, change the scenery, refresh the mind. Sound familiar?!

I'm asking you to think about how you could vary your work spaces in order to keep creative?!

Where to Work?

There are a few things I always take into consideration:

- Will it be loud/quiet?

- Will driving and parking there incur costs or not?

- Will the space have Wifi and a power supply?

- Is there a specific time of day you could go? Maybe combat that 'slump' after lunch?

- Could you combine it with a client meeting? I often do!

The Experts Say So:

This TED talk has some really interesting points about 'Working from Home' and 'Remote Working'...

I've written a previous blog post 'Best cafés in Lymington for working on your laptop' where I reviewed my local workspaces. Of course there are dedicated co-working spaces popping up all over the place as well. IncuHive, THISWorkspace and 49 are just a few in my local area.

I'd love to hear about how you vary your workspace routine, and whether you find this beneficial to productivity? Post in the comments below or let me know on Facebook.

Best Wishes,