My 2022 Blue Mind Playlist ~ for Blue Health When I Can't Get To The Sea

We can't always get to the sea, river or lakes where we might like to get our blue health immersion, so as well as books, films and artworks that evoke 'blue mind' I've been creating a playlist of songs which help my chilled blue state of mind.

It's a balance between creating a cringey playlist with any kind of 'blue' , 'ocean' or 'sea' word in the title, and songs I actually love! This is my curation so far:

Coastline by Hollow Coves

Blue Sky Mind by Trevor Hall

Simple Things by Ziggy Alberts

Sea Side by the Kooks

Ocean Eyes by Billie Aylish

Dead Sea by The Lumineers

Waterfalls by TLC

Be Like Water by Lo Wolf

Two Oceans by Trevor Hall

Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Into the Wild by Lewis Watson

I Forget Where We Were by Ben Howard

Ship To Wreck by Florence & The Machine

Any Sea Shanties!

How Far I'll Go from Moana

Any 'Ocean Sounds' or 'Sounds of Rain' you can search for and listen...

This is an ongoing playlist and I have it here:

Message me on Instagram with suggestions to add!

Emily x