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Sea Swimming from the Steps - Falmouth

When the beach is super busy and everything is super hot and sticky with suncream, I love changing it up a bit, avoiding the sand, and swimming off the stone steps along Cliff Road in Falmouth. There are several of these steps down between Gylly and Castle Beaches, and the Silver Steps off Pendennis Point are also a popular swimming and diving spot.

If it's high enough tide and the water is still enough not to be bouncing back too much off the wall, this is such a stunning swimming location. You're over rocks rather than the sands of the beach, so you have to be a little more cautious depending on the tide, but it's totally manageable for anyone using a good amount of common sense.

On a clear day the colours over the reef are incredible to swim over, especially if you have a snorkel or goggles. I've seen so many fish, crabs and once a white starfish as well as the pesky jellies when the water heats up.

(A little note on the jellyfish - they come every year and yes they still creep me out a bit! However, this is their home too and most of them are completely harmless. The only ones I'm a bit nervous about are the compasses which have a black cross or lined star pattern on their tops. These do sting but it's only like a stinging nettle. I swam multiple times nearly every day last summer and only got stung once - the fear of the unknown was definitely worse than the reality which really wasn't bad at all. More like an itch to be honest, but it may have been a small one, I didn't see it, just felt it when I got out. If you do get stung the best thing to do is stay in the salt water for as long as possible as this seems to soothe it.)

I want to go back when the tide is much higher and see about 'jumping in' spots from the wall. I've seen people doing this before but I'm always one to make absolutely sure it's deep enough and there are no rocks anywhere hidden. I'll let you know what I find out!

*Please be safe when sea swimming and note that this blog, website and social media can't take any responsibility for people's actions. Your decisions are your own - enjoy sensibly!*


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