Self-Care on a Shoestring: 5 Affordable Ways to Wellbeing

I saw a Facebook post this week which said:

“Self-Care is not about duration, it’s about frequency. You don’t always need a full spa day or a weekend away with friends… you need small, consistent acts of self-compassion, threaded through the days and weeks that make up your life.”

This is very true, and made me happy because it seemed like I was ALLOWED to practice ‘self-care’ consistently, without it feeling like an enormous self-indulgence.

I began to think of the little things which in my head create feelings of self-care, luxury and joy. I then put together a vision board.

The elements which make up my vision of care and indulgence go a little bit like this:

  • Fresh fruit on top of my cereal in the morning. (Approx. cost: £2-3 for a good few days of blueberries!)

  • Flowers or greenery around the house. (Approx. cost: £4 - £5 for a temporary bunch, or around £10 for a longer lasting houseplant.)

  • Candle-light in the evenings. (Costing anywhere between £2 - £102, but my choice is to buy a simple but nice quality soy-wax candle for somewhere between £10 - £20.)

  • Scent of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint. (Cost: £3 for an essential oil)

  • ‘Meditation Music’ or a yoga class. (Free on YouTube)

Added all together, these items probably cost less than a spa day, and last for much much longer (except the blueberries, you should eat them up within a week and buy some more!)

There is such an enormous and prosperous industry around wellbeing at the moment, but I want to unpick how we can reap some of the very real benefits without spending a fortune on our products or experiences.

Self-care and positive wellbeing should be accessible whatever your financial situation, and by cutting back on other expenses in my life (little things like buying take-away coffee or evening cocktails) I’m going to spend more wisely on things which make me long-term happy.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming article about cutting out booze to pay for my gym membership… I’m doing a budgeting experiment and am interested to see how it turns out!

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