Strength in Feathers: Company Vision, Mission and Values

As part of the planning for Strength in Feathers CIC, I worked with the School for Social Entrepreneurs Springboard programme to establish the company's brand, mission and values.

This was such a valuable exercise - partly to get fired up and excited about the work we are doing, and partly to clarify what we're doing and why we're doing it. It's also good practice as a community interest company to be fully transparent about our aims and values, and be able to share them with interested people.


That women in our community are able to creatively maintain their own positive wellbeing through writing and journaling, before reaching major emotional health difficulties.


Strength in Feathers will teach and facilitate creative wellbeing and self-care techniques, in an inspiring community of kindness and gratitude. Working locally in Cornwall, Emily will deliver workshops and retreats as well as producing online content and interactive resources.


Kindness, Creativity, Gratitude/Appreciation, Humility, Vulnerability, Wholesomeness, Learning

Values, vision and mission will adapt and change over time; being reviewed regularly to make sure that we are still on track.

I'm going to display them in my office where I work on developing the company, and let the key ideas infiltrate the content I put out into the world.

By doing this, recipients and readers (you!) can gain a clear understanding of what we're about, and decide whether your values align with ours. Then, you can come and join us if you wish, and know what to expect.

If you have further questions about Strength in Feathers CIC or would like to get involved, please email me at

Best Wishes,