What is 'Writing for Wellbeing'? What is it NOT?

Everyone has their own motivation and reasons for attending a wellbeing workshop, whatever the creative discipline or activity.

'Wellbeing' and 'Wellness' have become buzz terms in recent years, but I honestly believe that this is because they're important and they do us good. People are recognising that self-care and self-preservation are essential to 'doing well' in the rest of our lives: in work, relationships, sport, creative outputs and physical health.

The Workshops:

In my Writing for Wellbeing workshops, we aim to slow down, self-reflect, bypass our social censors, clarify our thoughts and increase our concentration spans. Sounds like an awful lot of work for something which is meant to be relaxing, doesn't it!? It might not be that you feel all of these outcomes in the first session, but by building our mindful writing practice these skills all begin to develop.

The prompts I use in the session can of course be taken away and used at home or work if you can find a space to incorporate them into your day. In particular, the 'free-write' three pages can be useful for clarifying your thoughts first thing in the morning.

Each session is different, but work as a stand-alone if it's your first workshop. The atmosphere is light and we often have peaceful music playing in the background.

How 'Deep' Do We Get?

During the sessions you might decide that you want to delve into some tricky places, or you might decide to stay on the surface. Either is fine. Last week we had some great comedy pieces which gave us all a giggle!

You'll never ever be made to share anything you don't want to, and if you need a quiet moment then that's okay too. It's about you taking charge of how you're feeling and running with it. The only rules are to be kind and friendly.

What is Writing for Wellbeing NOT?

There is an essential distinction we need to make between a wellbeing session and therapy. I am not a therapist and these are not counselling or psychotherapy sessions. Writing for Wellbeing may be a great accompaniment to more formal therapy, but they are two different things with different outcomes. You could say that Writing for Wellbeing is more of a preventative, or perhaps a 'routine check up' rather than 'fixing' a specific issue.

What Participants Said:

Perhaps some of the best descriptions come from the ladies who attended the first workshop last week:

"A lovely way to spend the evening and really helped me organise my thoughts. I hadn't written by hand like this for years and I remembered how much I enjoy it."

"Enabled me to explore a new style of writing"

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity and 'safe space' to start rediscovering my voice."

"I feel very inspired and am setting myself goals for the week - to explore all the techniques we tried."

If you'd like to come and join us for the next session, spaces are bookable via Eventbrite here.

If you have any further questions, please do ask: hello@emilywheelerwriting.com

Best Wishes,

Emily x