What is Your WHY? I'm Finding Mine And Using It Everyday:

One of my favourite writing exercises to do with groups is identifying and exploring your 'WHY'. This is particularly helpful for women who are self-employed, but it can be useful and applicable to any area of life you are working on.

How clear are you on your motivation, your drive and your reason for doing what you do? This might seem like a simple question, or a very difficult one, but finding the answer is a real game-changer.

Inevitably, each of us will face challenges in our work and personal lives from time to time. When things get tough, being able to revisit your core motivations and drive is so, so helpful and helps us gather the strength to keep going. You may be facing a small blip ,or a fundamental shift, but having a strong reason to keep doing what you do is really powerful.

Find Your Values:

A warm-up exercise to finding your WHY could be to brainstorm your values more widely. Try finding a blank page and writing down words that spring to mind. Examples might be:

kindness, honesty, support, listening, holding space, openness, positivity, comfort, growth...

They will be unique to you, but many people's values will overlap and align, especially if they are working in similar areas or have similar lifestyles.

Your Motivation & Drive:

Once you've spent time thinking about broader values, it's time to zoom in on your fundamental driving principle. WHY do you do what you do? There could be a few reasons, so start writing them down and try to explore them deeply.

As you write, you will probably identify key themes and phrases which you can underline, highlight, or write in big letters at the top of your page!


I often revisit my WHY for Strength in Feathers CIC, and come back to it on almost a daily basis for support. You might even want to write out your WHY and stick it above your workspace...

Mine looks like this:

"Because I am passionate about women's wellbeing and sharing what I have learnt with others. Because I personally need to put wellbeing at the front and centre of my life."

Voice Your Why:

Once you've found your why, it's amazing to be able to share it with people. Saying it aloud (or writing it loud and proud) can make it feel even more real. I'd love to hear your reasons why you do what you do, so feel free to share with me on my Instagram post about finding your WHY.

Lots of love, and if you have any questions about this exercise, please don't hesitate to message me at hello@strengthinfeathers.com or on my Facebook page.

Emily xx

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