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Blue & You Wellbeing Journal

Blue & You Wellbeing Journal


*Due to a temporary disribution problem, please order the journal via the link below. ** It's exactly the same, and although it's not as in line with my values as I'd like, using Amazon is the only way to get the journal out to you all at the moment! Many Thanks, Emily 


Blue & You is your journaling space for enhanced nature connection and wellbeing. Informed by professional coaching practices and social science research, this is where you write to reconnect with yourself. Slow down, breathe, reflect. 


Take this journal out for some time in blue spaces, or use it as a refreshing and creative break in your daily routine. Dip in whenever you feel inspired, answering prompts for yourself or with friends. 

Designed by Strength in Feathers Community Interest Company, Blue & You is makes writing for wellbeing an accessible and sustainable self-care practice.


"I love the prompts, I would never think of exploring writing in this way otherwise"


"It really gets you thinking... I talked through some of the questions with my partner too which was lovely to do."


"It's a beautiful book"

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