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A New Strength in Feathers Journal Project for Redruth

Funded by FEAST as part of Redruth Unlimited, the journal project is a curation of writings, diary entries, photographs, drawings, and other media from the people of Redruth in 2021, expressing their experiences and things they love about the town. It will be collated into a freely available PDF and hopefully printed into a physical book to distribute around the town as well.

We are currently in the pilot stages of the project and hope to host in-person writing workshops soon, to support the creative process and facilitate connection in the community. We also would also like to send information packs to schools, community groups and care homes in the area with instructions on how to remotely submit even if people can’t attend a workshop. It will be a low-cost activity for participants, requiring only an email or postage stamp for the simplest submissions. For more information about this, please email Emily (

By submitting, you agree to have your work published in the public domain, and it remains the choice of each contributor whether they include identifying information in their work. For safeguarding, anyone under 18 must have the permission of a parent or guardian before including identifying information. We reserve the right to decide if each work is suitable for the journal's aims and ethics.


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