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Content Creation


I help soulful, independent wellbeing businesses tell their stories, share their gifts, and cultivate their presence online. 

Less jargon, fewer tricks; honest words, beautiful pics 📸


My Background:

- Writing & Photography


- English BA & Creative Writing MA

- Initial experience in marketing agencies.

- Founder of both a commercial copywriting business and a non-profit organisation. 


Social Media Posts - Blog Writing - Email Newsletters - Websites

In order to write and create for you, I will have to understand you and your work, so my very first job is to listen

I've met so many amazing people running wellness businesses and community projects since moving to Cornwall, and each one is a pleasure to know. I'll only work alongside brands and businesses that have similar values to mine, so that I can share your passion and write with integrity when creating your content.

 Uplifting, Clear & Honest, Beautiful 

(Often the best way to gauge if we're a good fit for each other is to book in a call and have a chat.)

How does it work?

After an initial meeting to get to know each other, you let me know what you need help with. There are a few different options, depending on how you want to work. I can help with: 

- Initial Branding support sessions.

- Regular Instagram & Facebook content (text, image & video).

- Regular email newsletters and/or blog posts.

- Website creation (template-based).

Although based in Falmouth, Cornwall, I can work remotely with clients across the UK. 

A huge part of working with a marketing freelancer is about TRUST. You're giving over some control to someone else, and that can be nerve-wracking! You need to feel held & supported. 

For me, it's essential that my values align with my client's personal and brand values. So, what's important to me?

- Uplifting Content (inspiring rather than shaming.)
- Clarity (easy communication, genuinely helpful.)
- Aesthetics (consistent and beautiful!)

My ethos is all about communication and connection with the right people rather than growing a massive following and chasing algorithms. If you keep sharing your message with clarity and honesty, the right people will hear and see it. This is how I approach my own social media and always have done.

What Do You Need?

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