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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wellness Coaching Sessions

If this is your first time booking a coaching session, I have a few tips for how to get the most out of your hour. Choosing wellness coaching is an investment in yourself, and you want your sessions to be as transformative as they possibly can be.

(That might sound like a lot of pressure, which is exactly why I've put together this guidance to help you feel hopeful and empowered about getting started!)

You really do get out of coaching what you put in, but a compassionate coach will also understand that life happens and you'll arrive differently each time. These few tips can help you be as ready for your wellness coaching as you can be, starting from wherever you're currently at.

In Preparation:

Take some time to think through or note down if there's anything specific you'd like to explore in the session. If not, it could be 'explore what my wellness aspirations are...' You're very welcome to bring any notes with you, if it feels helpful.

Try and be present and grounded before the session starts. We will spend a few minutes on this together, but if you have had a chance to pause and move into the right headspace before we begin, this is always helpful and means we have more time for reflection and exploration. If you've rushed straight out of a meeting and your head is spinning, that's okay, but we will probably have to spend more time arriving in the space before the deeper work and insights can begin!

Check-in with yourself before we start. In my own sessions where I receive coaching, I always spend my journey there reflecting on 'How am I right now?' because I know it's likely to be the first thing my coach asks!

If you're meeting me at The Wellness Hub, you could arrive 5 or 10 minutes early and settle into the waiting room. Consciously relax your muscles and slow your breath. Turn your attention inwards and acknowledge this time for yourself.

During our Session:

Make sure that if we are meeting online (so you are in your own chosen space) you are somewhere you can focus without being interrupted or overheard. If we're meeting in person, turn your phone off so that you don't get distracted - this hour is for you to focus on you.

(Of course if you need a phone on for emergencies etc. this is always your choice. It's just my recommendation that you have it off unless absolutely necessary.)

Once we get started, try and bring as much non-judgemental curiosity as you can. It's almost like we're problem-solving together, and therefore want to be as open as possible to new ideas and solutions. This is a space for your personality and creativity to shine.

We will also work on positive self-talk and perhaps notice the way you choose to describe yourself and your lifestyle or behaviours. Try and be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend. This is the best way to help, instead of berating when things haven't gone exactly as we'd have liked them to. We'll also celebrate what is going well!

Try and be as honest with me as you can - sometimes this requires extra bravery! Whether it's in your first session or a later one, the things we find hardest to talk about are often the areas where we make the biggest breakthroughs. The choice is always yours.

Work with me to focus on what you do want instead of what you don't want. This is where we make the most progress.

After Your Session:

If possible, make some time for journaling or other dedicated reflection quite soon after your session has taken place. I always do this after my own coaching and I feel like I get twice as much out of it. Make space for downloading and processing. I love to do this in writing, but your version could be anything that works for you.

Add a particular focus to any actions we've talked about during the session. Coaching is great for accountability, i.e. you aim to make a change before we next meet. We'll have worked together to make sure that this 'goal' is manageable and achievable, but it's up to you to put it into practice.

Try as much as you can to take action. Transformation has to happen outside the coaching room!

Make space for wellness routines. My coaching goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness practices, movement, and meditation. I will give you a list of free resources to help you integrate some wellbeing habits into daily life, if you would like them. This might be things like journaling prompts, meditation audio tracks, yin yoga and relaxation videos, or breathwork tutorials.

I hope this has been useful - I absolutely want you to get the most from coaching that you possibly can. My style as a coach is sensitive and gentle, but I also want to empower you to take action. Knowing what you need is sometimes the first step, so please do message me with any further questions.

If you've yet to book in your coaching, or would like a free discovery call, send me an email!

Emily x


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