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Autumn 'Shift of Seasons' Wellbeing Retreat Day At Trebah Garden

Saturday, 14th September, 10am - 4pm

I'm so pleased to be holding another wellbeing retreat day at Trebah Garden in September - our 'new year' day was so insightful, reflective and restful, and I'm looking forward to the same again at the end of the Summer!

Trebah Gardens wellbeing retreat day

Our day will begin with a welcoming circle and hot drinks as we settle into the space and say hello to each other. Everyone is welcome to this retreat day, but there is a particular focus on feeling supported at the change of seasons. Summer energy is very dominant, especially here in tourist hotspot Falmouth, and it can take a little transition time to settle into the winding-down of Autumn.

Once we've got acquainted, we'll take a 'mindful noticing' walk through the gardens to the beach, for a standing meditation with a focus on nature connection.

Last time we also did a 'silent walk' for the way back up through the gardens, which our group really enjoyed. Without the pressure to connect or talk, we really noticed the details around us, as well as being able to connect more clearly to our own responses, not those of others, or those we 'should' be having.

Back in our room in the Main House, we'll get cutting and sticking for a vision boarding session before a hearty hot lunch from the Trebah Kitchen. Their flans and salads are amazing, I cannot wait!

In the afternoon, we'll have some time to finish off our vision boards and then truly embrace 'rest and digest' as we have a restorative yin yoga practice. This is such a gentle form of yoga, rooted in stillness and allowing deep fascia release and calming of our nervous systems. It's completely suitable whether you've done any yoga before or not. To close the retreat day, we will hold a simple gratitude circle and celebrate with tea and cakes!

If you have any questions about what to expect during our day together, send me an email at, or you're ready to book, the link is HERE!


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