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Join Our New Year Wellbeing Retreat Day At Trebah Garden

I absolutely love Trebah Garden, and am so pleased to be holding our first collaborative retreat day there in January - visiting the beautiful beach as well as holding space in the main house and exploring the garden.

Our day will begin with a welcoming circle and hot drinks as we settle into the space and say hello to each other. We'll set an intention for the day, month, or year, and reflect upon it throughout our time together.

We'll then take a 'mindful noticing' walk through the gardens to the beach, for a standing meditation with a focus on nature connection.

Feeling grounded, we'll return to our space for a vision boarding session before a hearty hot lunch from the Trebah Kitchen.

In the afternoon, we will complete our vision boards and explore intentions for winter wellbeing in a guided journalling session together. To close the retreat day, we will hold a gratitude circle and celebrate with tea and cakes.

For any questions about what to expect, send me an email to

If you're ready to book, the link in HERE!

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