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Journaling For The Busy Summer Season!

I don't know about you but I get so excited when the summer comes around that I take on more and more things, pack more into those gorgeous longer days, and sometimes let slip my my regular mindfulness practices.

For our Summer workshop at Potager, I thought it would be nice to explore how we can add moments of calm and grounding back into our days, adding some balance to the busiest season.

Join me in the beautiful workshop studio space at Potager Garden on Saturday 1st July for a creative and welcoming morning of journaling prompts, conversation and opportunity for mindful reflection.

Relaxing into the beautiful setting, we’ll take a nature-inspired theme of celebrating summer abundance – this workshop is a chance to tune in, check in with your own wellbeing and re-align.

Whether you’re new to journaling or have been writing for a long time, the guided prompts will offer playful opportunities for exploration and storytelling.

We’ll chat and share ideas together in response, but there is never any pressure to read out your words – this type of writing is all about the process and reflection rather than a polished outcome. You can read more about my writing for wellbeing workshop ethos here.

We had such a lovely morning for our Spring workshop and I can't wait to do it again:

Sometimes previous participants can describe my workshops best –

“It was so nice to just have the time to stop and breathe, and express through writing with like-minded people.”

“Thank you for a lovely morning at the Potager Garden. The workshop encouraged and inspired me to explore journaling in a safe and friendly environment with a group of lovely people. Thanks for your warm welcome.”

“Friendly, non-judgemental, just lovely.”

The workshop includes a little notebook to take away with you (although you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer) and unlimited herbal/fruit teas. We’ll have a short break in the middle with time to visit the cafe for those tempted by delicious Potager coffee and cakes, which you can bring back to the workshop space for the second half. Weather allowing, we’ll be in and out exploring the garden for some of the prompts too.

Spaces are limited to 8 people, book in as soon as you're ready 🪶

The booking page is HERE. I'm looking forward to writing with you!

Saturday 1st July, 10am-1pm, £40pp. Any questions, just message or email me. Emily x


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