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Journaling Prompts for Connecting With Your Potential

This post is part of a series of journaling prompts exploring Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and how we can apply them to our own lives.

On my wellness coach training course we had the opportunity to deeply explore the seven spiritual laws, taking one each morning as a focus for our meditation, and then holding the idea in consideration throughout the day. I loved the ethos of these seven concepts, and have developed a series of journaling prompts around them.

Each of the seven posts in this series will explore one of the spiritual laws further, and then offer writing prompts for you to reflect on your responses and consider how they could be beneficial for you and your wellbeing and lifestyle. This is the first:

No.1: The Law of Pure Potentiality

For me, this first law is one of the more challenging concepts to get my head around. Some of the others feel more tangible, so if you'd like to start with the Law of Giving, Law of Karma or Law of Least Effort, feel free to do so. I would encourage you to come back to this one though, as it is essential to Deepak Chopra's concepts and ideas.

'Pure potentiality' is the idea that everything - including ourselves - is made out of the same essential energy, and so has the potential to become anything. 'There is no separation between you and this field of energy' and we are all constantly exchanging energy all of the time.

There is a description of the difference between 'self-referral' where our internal reference point is our own spirit, and 'object referral' where we are always influenced by objects outside the self. Chopra suggests that we should move towards self-referral as much as we can, because object referral often means that we are preoccupied with getting a response, and so is fear-based and can be controlling. He says 'the need for approval, the need to control things, and the need for external power are needs that are based on fear.' Object referral is centred around the ego.

Whilst this kind of ego-based power is unstable and will come and go depending on outside circumstances, a 'self-power' will be much more stable and fulfilling. If we can meet our needs ourself, we can be 'unfearful of any challenge, have respect for all people, and feel beneath no-one.'

Once gained, self-power will 'draw people to you, and also draw things that you want towards you.' (He is talking about manifesting.) 'It magnetises people, situations and circumstances to support your ideas.'

This is so fascinating to me, and although I find it a big step to take these ideas as full, unquestionable fact, I have come to believe that living in this way will feel nourishing and inspiring for me. It makes sense to live in alignment with how I want to feel. It makes sense to choose to be centred around things I can control (myself) and not things I can't (other people and situations.) This is not selfishness, this is staying in your own lane, and being as gracious and kind to others as you can whilst doing so.

Chopra suggests that the main way to connect with self-referral and self-power is through frequent meditation, silence, non-judgement, and spending time in nature.

How are you feeling after reading these ideas, and how could they relate to your life? Try responding to the following journaling prompts and see what comes up for you:

Writing Prompts:

  • What do you think about the idea of everything being interconnected energy, and therefore anything being possible? Do you have any resistance to this idea? Why?

  • How much do you feel that you orientate around external things: people, situations, experiences?

  • Do you spend any time in meditation or silence? How do you feel about doing so?

  • Do you spend any time in nature? How do you feel about doing so?

  • How could incorporate just 10% more stillness into your life?

  • What would it feel like to just 'be', without judgement of anything being good or bad?

Take some time on these and allow yourself to get curious. The next law to explore when you're ready is The Law Of Giving and the prompts are here.

Enjoy writing your reflections, and if you have any questions, you can message me on Instagram or email


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