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Meaningful Christmas Card Making This Season

For our Winter workshop at Potager Garden, I thought we could explore deeper connection through making and writing Christmas cards which go beyond a scribbled 'With Best Wishes From...'

It always seems like such a waste when people send cards which have little or no personal effort in them. I remember my parents sometimes receiving ones which didn't even have our family's names inside, just a typed and printed label sticker sending seasonal greetings from 'xyx'. What is the point in that?! Save the trees!!

My idea for this workshop is to indulge in reflection and letter-writing within our cards. We'll combine my usual journaling workshop style combine with crafting, making seasonal cards and taking the time to write meaningful messages inside them. (No artistic experience necessary, there will be some super simple design options as well as the opportunity to be more creative!)

Part of the workshop will include sharing and reflecting on relationships that we’re grateful for, and then writing to these people or communities to tell them what they mean to us, and also what we wish for them over the next year.

Of course it’s always up to you how much you choose to share with the group, and there is also the opportunity to take the prompts away and continue them in your own time. All the making materials will be provided, as well as some tasty mince pies and hot drinks!

We’ll also take a 10 minute break to visit the cafe for those tempted by delicious Potager coffee and cakes, which you can bring back to the workshop space for the second half.

If you have any questions, or a mince-pie-related dietary requirement, please email me: – Emily x

Sometimes previous participants can describe my workshops best –

“It was so nice to just have the time to stop and breathe, and express through writing with like-minded people.”

“Thank you for a lovely morning at Potager Gardens. The workshop encouraged and inspired me to explore journaling in a safe and friendly environment with a group of lovely people. Thanks for your warm welcome.”

“Friendly, non-judgemental, just lovely.”

Spaces are limited to 8 people, book in as soon as you're ready 🪶

The booking page is HERE. I'm looking forward to writing with you!

Sunday 10th December, 10am-1pm, £40pp. Any questions, just message or email me. Emily x


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