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My Love of Experience Gifting!

I love celebrating Christmas and making an occasion of it, but it is so nice to skip the unnecessary material buying of things that people don't really want or need. Instead, I love handmade gifts, and experience gifting (ideally combined in some kind of creative making workshop!)

My brother and I have often been in separate countries over the last few years, and my cousins live in Vancouver, so vouchers also save the drama of international postage!

There's also an eco-friendly aspect to not buying things we don't need. If I do buy physical gifts I try to get them as plastic-free or locally-made as possible. This doesn't always happen but it is always in my mind as I shop. That poster-phrase 'Every time you buy from a small business, someone does a little happy dance' is SO true!

For ideas of experience gifting, I've put together a few ideas of the kind of things you can gift the people you love!

  • Foodie Ideas: This could be a cafe or restaurant voucher, a cooking class, or a foodie tour of the place they live or like to visit. Somewhere with a wide menu gives recipients a variety of things to choose from if you're not sure what they like, or you could choose somewhere that you've been to together and know that they love!

  • Outdoor Adventures: There are so many experiences that we wouldn't necessarily buy or book for ourselves, but would love to do as a novelty! Here in Cornwall we have so many coastal opportunities, from kayaking to marine safaris, but wherever you are in the country there will be some kind of activity voucher nearby, and they all vary in adventure and adrenaline levels. Zip wires might suit some people, but others might prefer a peacful stargazing experience!

  • Wellness Retreats: Spa days, yoga retreats and wellness weekends are becoming more and more popular every year! There's a often a barrier or block around giving yourself permission to rest and spend money on your own wellbeing days, so receiving these as a gift is extra special. They can vary in style and price, but there are so many options to choose from these days.

  • Concerts and Shows: Depending on how well you know the person and their cultural tastes, this can be a great option too. If you're not sure about their availability or preferences, venues often do a monetary voucher which can be spent on anything within a certain time.

And if you're really trying to save pennies at the moment, there are ways that you could create a low-cost or free gift.

If you know some busy parents, you could gift them a day of babysitting so that they can do something nice together. Or you could create a brunch, picnic or dinner party at home, where all the little details have been thought through.

All of these experience gifts are beautiful ways of continuing conversation and keeping in touch throughout the year as well. When they use their gift voucher, they'll think of you and maybe send pictures or updates, which is lovely if you don't often stay in touch.

I have some gift vouchers available for my workshops, retreat days and coaching sessions, which I can personalise and send out for you - just get in touch via Instagram or email and let me know what you'd like!

And if you have any stories of amazing experience gifts you've given or received in the past, I'd love to hear about them.


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