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New Winter Wellbeing Programme: Available from November 2023

So many of us find winter a challenge, especially here in Cornwall! If your lifestyle is integrated with the seasons and the Summer sees you spending a lot of time outside, the colder months really are an adjustment. I've started actively making plans to support myself over winter, and I'm helping my 1-2-1 clients do the same.

Gift yourself six weeks over Winter to increase your self-awareness and make positive changes that improve and sustain your wellbeing:

A set of six wellness coaching sessions will help you see which areas of your life need some more love and attention. Together, we'll create an actionable plan to support you through the winter months, so that you can be the most contented, healthiest version of yourself at this more challenging time of year. This positive self-investment not only supports you, but ripples out to those around you as well. Are you ready for it?

Your block of six coaching sessions will be £250, saving £20 on individual session booking. We'll explore:

  • Identifying beliefs and behaviours that aren't helping you over the darker months.

  • Creating a balanced 'wellness wheel' so that no area of wellbeing is neglected.

  • Empowering you towards positive action, maintaining inspiration, and keeping accountable to your own intentions.

  • Strengthening self-compassion and conscious self-talk.

We'll usually meet one or two weeks apart, depending on how much time you need to integrate and practice what we've covered each time. Sessions can be in-person at The Wellness Hub or online - whichever suits you best.

It's up to you whether we book in all your session dates in advance, or arrange as we go. To get started, email me to schedule in your free 30 minute discovery call.

This helps us check that my Winter Wellbeing Programme is right for you. Once you've asked any questions you might have, we can begin!


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