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Welcome to 2024! Here's How My January Has Gone

At the beginning of the year, without really meaning to, I had a real breakthrough moment and shift in my focus and attention for Strength in Feathers this year. Whilst I had set the intention of 'REST' for January, what actually happened was a realisation that it's the content creation part of my work which feels like it's flowing really well at the moment, and this is what I want to do more of.

The most aligned part of my Wellness Coaching is where I support other self-employed people, freelancers and business owners - I guess in part because this is an area I know so well! Our Self-Employed Christmas Party was a nudge in the direction of creating a more specific community, as so many of my workshop and retreat day attendees are already part of this freelancer/business owner tribe. Looking forward to seeing where this goes...

  • On the 20th, I held a gorgeous retreat day at Trebah Gardens where we reflected on the year gone by and set intentions for the months to come. It was a pleasure to hold space for new connections, insightful conversations, and some creative vision boarding too. We had a delicious dahl lunch from the Trebah Kitchen, and the weather smiled on us for our walk through the gardens to the private beach. Although this is my last retreat day for a little while, the event went so well that we might be planning in another one for late Spring!

  • This month I also had a lovely check-in and mini photo/video shoot with my client, Rachael Mia Allen, whose Cornish landscapes paintings are absolutely stunning. I headed out to West Penwith to capture the essence of how she works creatively day-to-day and how we can share this with her long-standing online community.

  • I also had a catch up with the team at Invictus Atlantic to hear the updates on their epic fundraising challenge for the Invictus Trust. The new counselling service launched this month and was inundated with referrals, which just re-emphasises the importance of the work this charity does here in Cornwall...

  • At the end of the month I had a chance to wiggle all my in-person meetings and have a clear week to take myself and my laptop away to Portugal for a bit of warmth and sunshine. However, this did not quite go to plan... you can read all about that in my posts here! I came back with a renewed love for Falmouth and the fact that our lovely town stays open all year round...

Next month I'm looking forward to fine-tuning some of my own website and marketing materials as I transition to more content creation and self-employed focused work for the rest of the year.

As always, my emails and messages are open if you have any questions about my work offerings, or would just like to say hello!

Take Care and I hope January was kind to you too!

Em xx


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