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Nourish for Autumn Journaling Workbook

Nourish for Autumn Journaling Workbook


This series of journaling prompts is a chance to tune in, notice how you are feeling in both mind and body, and plan how to nourish yourself over the colder months.


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our light levels are reducing and the temperature is dropping. Whilst there are some gorgeous elements to this season, it can also be challenging for many of us to maintain positive wellbeing - especially if we are very in tune with the natural world. It’s natural for us to turn inward and rest, but modern living doesn’t often allow this.


Through this workbook we'll explore our expectations of Autumn and Winter and make plans for how to sustain ourselves emotionally. Do you know what lights you up when you’re feeling sluggish? Or perhaps you need a plan for how to say ‘No’ and allow yourself some reset time.


Once you've completed the journaling prompts, you'll have a greater self-awareness of how to maintain balance, as well as personalised reminders of what you can do to help feel the best you can through the Autumn season.


This is a 14-page PDF workbook with additional space for notes. Copyright remains with Strength in Feathers, and please do not reproduce further than for your own personal use. 


Happy Journaling! 

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