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How Is Individual Wellness Coaching Different from Reading Online Advice or Books?

It's bespoke to you:

By working one-to-one in 'real time' you are getting reflections and insights that are specific and relevant to you and your unique situation. There are many amazing books, podcasts and resources out there which can give generalised health and wellbeing advice, but sometimes it helps to have support in working out what is relevant and important for you at this moment in time.

You can use your sessions for accountability:

If you'd like your coach to help keep you accountable, this can be a big part of a six session coaching block. You might set specific goals or actions to move towards, or you might choose to reflect upon how something feels and whether this is in line with what you've said you want.

A good coach can help you notice your own behaviour, without judgement, and help you decide what you'd like to continue with and what you'd like to change. They're not there to 'tell you off' if you do something different from what you intended, but they will usually hold space to explore what has happened, if you want to do this. Check-ins on specific goals or actions is completely the coachee's choice and they choose if and what they'd like accountability check-ins in their sessions.

One-to-one sessions are empowering:

Rather than passively absorbing information from books, podcasts or Instagram posts, individual coaching sessions require you to be active and curious about your own wellness.

Much of coaching is about asking questions, and I do this both in conversation and in journal prompts.

By offering reflection, education, insights, and self-awareness exercises, a good wellness or life coach will help you to find your own insights and be comfortable following them through.

It's sustainable for the long term:

An in-person coaching relationship is all about discovering how you, the coachee, wants to be in the long-term, and finding a realistic and sustainable way to get there.

I often find that I will read a really inspiring book, or save an insightful post online, but then a few weeks later I have completely forgotten about it. One-to-one wellness coaching can be spread out over a number of months, and a big part of what we do is to integrate any changes into your life so that they are embedded in your routine.

It's a holistic approach:

Often someone will come to coaching to look at one area of their life, and then we discover something else that is having a much bigger impact on their wellbeing. By spending time one-to-one with a wellness coach, their experience and intuition can show you which areas of your life currently have the biggest scope for improving your overall wellness.

So many areas of our lives are interlinked and affecting each other, which is why we often start with a wellness wheel in the first session. This is a visual aid to prioritise which elements of your wellbeing you'd like to enhance.

To find out more about my wellness coaching sessions in Falmouth, or online, visit this page of my website, or send me an email with any questions.


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