Vision Boarding Workshops in Falmouth

I'm soooo excited to add in a new type of workshop that I've been wanting to hold for absolutely ages and had been waiting until things fell into place - Vision Boarding combines my love of words with some hands on visual creativity and play.

On 21st October, join us for a morning of creative vision boarding with all materials provided ~ we'll shake up the slump of the Autumn season with a reminder of what we love, what makes us go 'YES' and what we'd like to cultivate more of.

Gaining Self-Awareness

We'll use pictures and words to create a visual reminder of what's important to us as we move through the darker months of the year. Using found imagery and text you can add energy to a blank page and end up with a personal piece that is unique, and could only have been made by you at that particular time in that particular circumstance. What you each create is in itself a tool for self-reflection. Why did you choose the colours, shapes and patterns that you did? What drew you to including a certain word or phrase?

Speaking (or Sticking!) It Out In The World

It's also a gorgeous opportunity to share ideas and inspiration with other people. You can do vision boards at home, but in a group environment we gain a lot by talking a little bit about our creation process and welcoming external reflections from the rest of the group. It's also nice to notice similarities and differences, and the range of ways that people can approach the same activity.

Keeping It Visible

When we journal, it often gets tucked away in a notebook after we've finished writing. Whilst this is still valuable as it percolates in the mind for a few days, a vision board can be more easily accessible once you've left the workshop and are back to the business of life! Display it on a desk, on the fridge, on your bedside table - anywhere that keeps the positive vision and energy at the forefront of your mind for a little bit longer. It can also be nice for those you live or work with to see it too, to allow them some more insight into your vision. You might have described an idea vocally to a partner or friend, but seeing it laid out visually can add new levels of understanding.

You Can't Get It Wrong!

This is meant to be an enjoyable experience! There are no rules, except being safe with scissors and being nice to people (that includes yourself). It's an opportunity for expressive play, and how often do you fit that into your adult life? Think cutting and sticking, coloured pens, stencils, stickers and cups of tea and biscuits!

We'd love to have you join us for this first workshop. Sliding scale of ticket fees, pay what you can manage - £15, £18 or £20. Tea & coffees will be provided with light refreshments, as well as all the materials you'll need.

Please do email and ask if you have any questions. Otherwise, you can BOOK HERE!