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Beautiful 'At Home' Creative Prompts to Practice Writing for Wellbeing

Both at home as part of my own writing practice, and in my Writing for Wellbeing workshops, I use the beautiful @katiedaisy_artist ‘How To Be A Wildflower’ deck as prompt cards.

You can have a go yourself any time, just by picking a card from these pictures and free writing for 10 minutes about what comes into your mind. Try to release judgement and try keep going - don't stop the flow. It doesn't matter about spelling, grammar, handwriting or anything else in this kind of exercise.

Sometimes I suggest that groups to do this on a separate piece of paper outside of their notebooks, with the knowledge that we are going to screw it up and throw it away straight after we've written it. This can help to release the pressure for our writing to be 'good'.

Freewriting like this can be a great warm-up, and it's often surprising what comes up. You may decide that there are some little gems which you want to pull out and keep to journal from or explore later. It's all up to you - no pressure.

Also - a new thing that I remind myself and workshop participants - remember to breathe as you’re writing! I can get sometimes get so carried away with what I'm writing, and then realise that I've been holding my breath, building tension in the body and the brain. A new thing for me is to consciously lengthen my breaths so that I relax into it.

Enjoy your exploration of freewriting and do let me know how you get on in the linked Instagram post. Emily xx


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