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Curious About Wellness Coaching?

I wanted to put a post together to explain how the initial process flows - from the seed of the idea in your head, to the two of us meeting for your first session.

Read My Details

I've written lots of guidance about my style of coaching and how it could help you. See these links here and here!

Send Me A Message

Say hello, I'm friendly! You might have a specific question, or may be ready to book in your free discovery call.

Look at the Coaching Contract

This sounds very formal, but it's just for you to look at before your discovery call, because it may answer some of your questions in more detail. The purpose of a coaching contract is to make sure we're both on the same page before we start.

Complementary Discovery Call

This is usually a half an hour phone or Zoom call. Let's chat and find out if our styles and values are well-suited. Most of the time, this is an excellent chance to get a head start on where you might like to begin your wellness coaching journey and set some intentions before your first session.

It also gives me the chance to say if I think you might be better suited to another type of coach or counsellor, before you have invested any more than 30 mins for your time. This is in both our best interests and is standard ICF practice.

Return the Coaching Contract and Wellness Wheel

Once you're ready to start coaching, email me your completed contract and a completed 'wellness wheel'. This gives us a great starting point for your first session.

We'll also have agreed when and where we'll meet. Sessions can be Online, Outdoors or at The Wellness Hub in Falmouth. You might have booked a discounted block of 6 sessions, or be starting with one at a time.

See You At Session One!

Bring an open mind and willingness to engage in the process. We go at your pace, and can use a balance of conversation, journaling prompts, breathwork and meditation. We keep an open dialogue about what is working best for you and what you'd like to feel after coaching.

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