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Falmouth Businesses to Support Remotely This Month

This strange time of self-isolation and social distancing means that we’ll all be spending more hours at home, being self reflective and maybe even creatively productive. If you have any wiggle room in your cash flow, could you invest in your home, self or business and at the same time support a local business?

(If cash is tight, many of these resources are free but you can support the business my engaging and sharing their social media content.)

Self Development — slow down and skill up.

The team at Falmouth Yoga Studio are running classes online via Zoom, and I’m sure they would be more than happy to welcome new members!

Fitness Wild are also running online sessions to keep you moving…

My singing group The Birch Tree Folk Choir are running virtual singing sessions with the sole purpose of boosting wellbeing and self esteem.

Falmouth Bookseller have launched an online shop with specific staff recommendations to whisk your mind away to other worlds! Now is the time to read your way through that list.

Local shop Stitches & Cream are still running their online shop if you’re thinking of perfecting your knitting, sewing or clothes-making skills…

And I can’t go without mentioning my own Writing for Wellbeing and Mindful Journaling prompts which I’m posting on my social all this week. I’m also in the process of recording an online webinar which will be ready soon.

Food — fuel up and feed your soul.

Atta. are delivering the most amazing South Indian Thalis, and chef Brad is also developing a healthy, tasty and wholesome granola for delivery at the end of the week!

Hooked on the Rocks also put a flyer through my door yesterday, introducing their new home delivery menu.

Un-rap are still open in central Falmouth, I went in yesterday and they were well stocked with dry foods, bread, honey, oils, toiletries, and I even got myself a goose egg. I’m not sure what to do with it yet but I feel a cake coming on. (This is also the only food place I can go in town with a dog…)

NUDE canteen are also doing deliveries to Falmouth & Penryn between 12–1pm as well as their usual takeaway food all day. Delish!

If you fancy a bangin’ burrito, Habaneros have got your back with takeaway and Deliveroo.

Origin Warehouse in Penryn are becoming a temporary greengrocery to get fresh fruit and veg out to the community. They’re also still doing their amazing coffee as take-away.

Home & Garden — all those projects you’ve been meaning to do

Botanical Atalier’s online shop is OPEN and absolutely beautiful. Each piece is hand curated by owner and illustrator Sarah Jane Humphrey, who also runs workshops (online for now).

Falmouth Garden Centre has a sale on this weekend. Need I say more!?

Badger & Birch have distinctive and gorgeous pieces available online too — I am so tempted by the new jewellery Hazel’s been creating recently!

Business Services — spend time ON your business, not IN your business.

Goodrest Studios are offering some insanely generous discounts on photography services, including 50% off brand shoots in a ‘pay it forward’ fashion…

Charlotte from The Palm Tree Club is posting some great content about adapting to change and making the most of this uncertain situation in your business, especially if you are a self-employed creative.

Web designer byRosanna has also posted a wonderful list of resources for ‘What to Do When Work Is Slow’… I can 100% relate.

I’d love to add more and more to this list, so please do comment with further suggestions… Emily x

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Vacationing Vicky
Vacationing Vicky
Oct 07, 2021

Loved reading this thannk you

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