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Four Ways That Can Wellness Coaching Can Help

Indecision: 'I've been stuck between several ideas and options.'

If you've been wavering between several options for a while and struggling to settle with a decision, one-to-one coaching can help move you towards clarity.

Your wellness coach won't 'give you the answers' but they will ask explorative questions and reflect insights back to you about your dilemma. They have no personal investment in the outcome, and so the only agenda is to create clarity for you.

My wellness coaching style takes a holistic approach, asking 'how does this feel?' emotionally, cognitively, and physically in your body. I work on the basis that you already have the answers you need, and our job is to uncover them together.

Avoidance: 'I know something doesn't feel right but I'm not sure what to do about it.'

We can all think of a time when we've known that something isn't as it should be, but for a variety of reasons we choose to avoid doing anything about it.

Change of any kind is a challenge, and you may have a specific fear of what might happen if you stop avoiding a problem, or you might be feeling a more generalised overwhelm and not know where to start.

Supportive one-to-one sessions can help you to find and take the smallest first step - and this might just be voicing what is going on. We start where you're at, and build from there.

Nearly always, the people who get the most out of wellness coaching are those who can be brave and vulnerable in their sharing. Collaboratively with your coach, you can then place stepping stones for the way forward.

Inspiration: 'I'm not sure what I'm excited or passionate about any more.'

Remember that feeling of intrigue, curiosity and drive to get out of bed in the morning?

I absolutely love being in this motivated state, but I'm definitely not there all of the time. We all go through peaks and troughs of energy and inspiration, and sometimes we get stuck...

When you're in a slump, one-to-one wellness coaching can help you navigate back on track. This is such a fun part of my work and I love it!

We'll revisit what lights you up and figure out how to sustain it - expect vision boards, coloured pens and music (if you're open to them!) Your sessions are for you to get what you need from them 🎉

Action: 'I have a vision and dream that I've not brought into reality yet.'

You know where you want to be, but need some support and accountability to make it happen.

Things only really change when you begin to take action, and often the decision to invest in coaching for yourself is the first step in the chain reaction...

Starting from where you're at, we move at your pace and in a way that realistically suits your lifestyle. Wellness coaching solidifies your commitment to yourself and your vision, because you know that you'll get out what you put in, and more. When I have coaching sessions (for myself) they signal that I am taking myself seriously and ready to move forward. Every time, they boost my energy and drive in a way that actually gets things done!

If you'd like to talk more about how wellness coaching could help you, send me a message or book a free discovery so we can chat 😊

Complementary Discovery Call:

This offer is to give us both a chance to see if my coaching sessions are right for you. I'll tell you a little bit more about what you can expect, and we'll set some intentions around what you'd like to 'achieve' and what kind of input you'd like from me. We'll check in with this at the start of each session as well to make sure we're still on track and the coaching process can grow and change as you do.

You Choose The Venue:

I'd like for you to feel as comfortable as possible, so tell me how you'd like to meet. I work online via Zoom, or in person in the Falmouth area. I work out of The Wellness Hub in Falmouth, and hold outdoor coaching sessions at quiet local beauty spots, which are perfect if you are interested in incorporating nature connection into your approach to wellness. When you get in touch to arrange your sessions, we can confirm a location that works well for both of us.

Book A Block:

Communicate with me about what you need. I will only have a small number of clients at any time, because I want to be able to tailor and adapt to individual needs; this is not a one-size-fits-all machine! Sessions are £45 per 1 hour, or a pre-paid block of six coaching sessions will be £250, saving £20.

We'll usually meet for 6 sessions either one or two weeks apart, depending on how much time you need to integrate and practice what we've covered each time. It's up to you whether we book in all six dates in advance, or arrange as we go. (My full cancellation policy and all details are available in my Coaching Contract, please ask if you'd like to see a copy of this, although I will also send it to you before your free Discovery Call.)

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