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My 2024 Wellbeing Podcast & Audiobook Recommendations

wellbeing audiobooks and podcasts

I play audio content through my phone a lot, and it's one of my favourite ways to learn, to get inspired and to engage with new ideas.

I thought I'd share some of my favourite podcast and audiobook recommendations here with you:

This is the most incredible free resource from Cornwall Council libraries - you just need to sign up to the library and then use your code to download the app. From there you have an enormous collection of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. (I believe other areas of the country might also have this service, but you'll have to look it up depending on where you are based.)

Some of my recent non-fiction favourites have been:

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - This is Elizabeth Gilbert's playful guide to creative living, which I love for its upbeat energy and realistic advice on overcoming self-doubt and being courageous enough to be creative. It's especially relevant if you have a dedicated creative practice, but will be useful and inspiring to anyone because the principles apply to so many areas of life.

Rising Strong & Braving The Wilderness - Any Brene Brown book gets my vote, and both of these are available on the app. Rising Strong explores our ability to come back after we've been hurt, and Braving The Wilderness is about being brave enough to be your most authentic self. This has been so useful both in relation to my business growth and personal resilience.

Spotify Audiobooks:

Diary of A CEO: 33 Rules for Business and Life by Steven Bartlett - I think I am a bit obsessed with Steven. I listen to the podcast a lot, and when the book became available on Spotify I jumped on it straight away, although I am listening quite slowly. The chapters are broken up into bitesize chunks for each of the 33 'laws', and I think it's helpful to have time to digest the information after each one.

Breath by James Nestor - so fascinating and relevant to absolutely everyone who breathes. A mixture of contemporary experimental research and ancient stories of connection to our breath. The first half is addictive, I couldn't put it down, and then the pace slows towards the end.

Wintering by Katherine May - a fantastic look at how we 'should' naturally ebb and flow through periods of productivity and rest. Reset expectations about 24/7 hustle culture and explore more nature-connected ways of living - right up my street.


So many to choose from but these are shows and episodes I've listened to recently:

Simon Sinek on Diary of a CEO - relationships and being there for each other.

The Way of The Fearless Writer - for journaling and writing inspiration with Beth Kempton.

Coaching on Imposter Syndrome - insightful discussion by wellness coaches.

I'd love to hear your recommendations too... share them on Instagram and tag @strength_in_feathers, or email me at


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