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Kennack Sands Beaches on The Lizard

This week Ted and I ventured across to Kennack Sands on the Lizard Peninsula to visit a new beach we hadn't been to before. I'd heard that it can get pretty congested in the summer and seeing the windy roads I can imagine why!

Visiting on a bright day in November felt like the perfect time to visit because it was clear and quiet, with the bonus of dogs being allowed on both 'sides' of the beach. In the summer, the closest side of the beach is lifeguarded and operates a dog-ban, leaving the further (only 5 mins walk) beach more rugged and wilder for dogs to explore all day long.

It was beautiful, but less tempting for swimming that some of the beaches on the Lizard where I just can't resist getting in. I'd brought my swim stuff in the car, but was totally content on this occasion to stay dry on the low tide expanses, followed by a bit of rock-hopping on the dramatic landscapes around the corner from the main section of beach.

There is one main car park with a couple of little cafes - I didn't buy anything this time but Mora was open and has a range of hot snacky food, coffee and cake, smoothies and homemade gelato on offer. If only I hadn't eaten such a big breakfast before I left!!

There is a big sand-dune between the two 'halves' of the beach with sandy tracks to explore and run up and down (especially for dogs and children - mine was more of a plod!). These also go back from the coast to turn in to a longer walk if you're wanting one. Natural Lizard has a great description of a circular walk which tracks back across a little stream and bridge, venturing up towards the 'Quarry Viewpoint'. Kennack is also on the South West Coast Path so you can head East or West as far as you like.

I always forget how easy it is to get to the Lizard in the winter when the roads are empty, and parking is much easier too! I'm planning to spend more time over there exploring so that I feel more confident to visit some of my favourite places even when it gets a bit busier in Summer.


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