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New Workshop Series: Writing for Wellbeing for Self-Employed Women

I'm so pleased this week to be able to confirm the running of eight workshops specifically designed to support self-employed women as we move forward from an unpredictable year of Covid-19 adaptations.

Funded by FEAST ( ), the workshop series will be offered at no cost to participants, but will be limited to six spaces, in alignment with government guidelines on social distancing. On a Tuesday mornings, we'll meet at the wesup. coffee box on Pendennis Point for an outdoor writing session - with great coffee - on our own individual picnic blankets. With space to spread out, we'll take the time to reflect on how these last few months have been for us, and what we identify as our key priorities moving forward.

As self-employed business owners, so much of our identities are tied up with our work and 'what we do'. When all of that is brought into question - as so much else has been during this global pandemic - it can be incredibly beneficial to take some reflective time to think about what we really want. Asking the right questions can start to open up a new world of possibilities and ideas that we may not have thought about before.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in exploring through writing and journaling techniques, then stay in touch as tickets will be available soon via my Eventbrite page. Although numbers are limited for this series, I will be gathering interest for a future series of workshops (which may require a small charge to participants, subject to funding.)

Please do email me with any questions: and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Emily x


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