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Paddleboard Picnics on the Helford

I love getting out exploring on the paddleboards and they come into their own even more when the beaches are busy in Summer and you're looking for a quieter escape.

Last weekend we drove to Grebe (National Trust Car Park Bosveal) and made the short trek downhill with boards, bags and blankets ready for a paddle adventure! The beach was busier than I've ever seen it (it does get small at high tide) so it was perfect to pump up the boards and make our way directly across to the beaches on the Western side of the river.

I'm still not sure exactly where we ended up but it must have been once of the little beaches near this one marked Bosahan Cove. There was quite a strong Southerly wind pushing into the river so the paddle was a bit choppy and hard to turn on my long touring board, but we made it! Once you get into the little coves it's so calm and tranquil. Honestly did not feel like we were still in England.

The coves were so quiet as they are much less accessible from the Lizard - most people had arrived by water I think! I'd really like to paddle more on the Helford, now I know that it's relatively easy to park and pump up the boards at Grebe.

Last summer I got stuck in a habit of not driving anywhere and only swimming and paddling from Gylly Beach. As lovely as it is, there is so much of Cornwall to explore and this day out was a perfect reminder of that.


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