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Reflections on Our FEAST-funded Writing for Wellbeing 8-Week Course

This week saw the final session of my eight week writing for wellbeing course, just in time before we were closed for another lockdown. This FEAST-funded series was free for participants to attend, and I had the absolute pleasure of working with eight self-employed women from the Falmouth and Penryn area.

Our first four sessions took place in the inspiring outdoor setting at the wesup. coffeebox on Pendennis Point, before we moved indoors to the Arts Well studio and workshop space at Jubilee Wharf as the weather turned in October. Over the weeks we spent together, the time and space committed by everyone involved allowed us to form a beautifully supportive group where we felt safe to explore our thanks, our fears and our hopes for the future through dedicated writing prompts.

Getting feedback from everyone who attended is so important for me to check that our work is helping in the best way possible, and also a great way to explain the value of what we do to anyone not quite sure how writing for wellbeing can help:

"At the start when many of us were feeling low it was lovely to be given the gift of the writing box AND the sessions. I know I had so many feelings after lockdown - grief, frustration, anger, isolation - and the writing exercises helped to reflect on these but move forward with them too."

"I don't always take time out for myself, and the weekly sessions were great for that. I may continue to leave Tuesday mornings for this. ... It's great to have the journal and be able to look back on writing exercises and redo them if we wish."

"This 8 week course has been invaluable! There were so many techniques and exercises that Emily shared, each had their own value and I am looking forward to using them again and again in the future."

"Being part of a group (especially during 2020) has been so supportive and nourishing. To be able to share deep personal experiences and feel connected to others has enabled a lot of growth in me."

"The tools that Emily provided have supported my work and will continue to support me in the future as I continue to apply them. I have benefitted so much from these sessions and highly recommend them."

"Emily's writing course came just at the right time for me and I found it greatly beneficial both personally and professionally. Having time away from my usual day- to day, to reflect and take stock, was really helpful and allowed me to clarify many things."

Reading reflections like these makes my work feel so worthwhile and gives me so much passion for developing Strength in Feathers CIC and all it has to offer. Once again I'd like to thank FEAST Cornwall for funding this project and making it possible.


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