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Spring Energy To Support Seasonal Wellbeing

How are you feeling about emerging into Spring? ✨

More and more of us are choosing to live with an increased attunement to the natural world, and my next workshop at Potager Garden explores how we relate to the seasonal energy of Spring 🌱🌿

I’ve been thinking about how we can all periodically go through phases of hiding and staying small, maybe even hibernating or completely disappearing for a while. (I also explored this in my recent blog post about stopping my writing practice for a while.)

Pausing and slowing down in the Winter is a natural process and part of the rest and renewal needed by so many living things. If you haven't read Wintering by Katherine May I can thoroughly recommend it. She also explores the idea in this podcast interview with Fearne Cotton.

Once we reach the springtime, the natural world shows us how we can emerge and show ourselves again once the conditions are right. Through journaling and asking thoughtful questions, we too can shed some light on how and when we feel best placed to emerge.

What might it look like when you start to appear? Will this change gradually over time?

What might your patience be like in this time period?

What are the conditions that will best suit your re-emergence?

Do you have ideas about how you would like to re-appear?

How would it be if you accepted the natural process of hiding and re-appearing, without judgement?

The workshop at Potager will playfully question how we show up and move forwards through the year. We’ll chat and share ideas together in response, but there is never any pressure to read out your words – this type of writing is all about the process and reflection rather than a polished outcome. It may be that you haven't had a lot of time to think about how you are feeling right now, or how you'd like to feel moving forwards. This is a perfect time to start.

Sometimes previous participants can describe my workshops best –

“It was so nice to just have the time to stop and breathe, and express through writing with like-minded people.”

“This workshop has been inspirational and helped me look forward to the year ahead whilst organising my thoughts.”

“Friendly, non-judgemental, just lovely.”

The workshop includes a little notebook to take away with you (although you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer) and unlimited herbal/fruit teas. We’ll have a short break in the middle with time to visit the cafe for those tempted by delicious Potager coffee and cakes, which you can bring back to the workshop space for the second half. Weather allowing, we’ll be in and out exploring the garden for some of the prompts too.

Spaces are limited to 8 people, so do book in early 🪶 The booking page is HERE.

I'm looking forward to writing with you! Sunday 30th April, 10am-1pm, £40pp.


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