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The Jubilee Bathing Pool in Penzance

Rude Health and Jubilee Pool timed their Summer Soaker event absolutely perfectly for the last day of the dreamy summer heatwave we've had in the UK this week. Cornwall has been shining in all it's glory and we are loving it.

The Bathing Pool sits at the point of the promenade in Penzance with amazing far-reaching views beyond the walls out onto the open sea. It was flat calm on Thursday but I image it can get some pretty wild waves with a strong SW wind and swell!

From its origin as a 1930's art deco masterpiece to provide more sheltered swimming to the people of Penzance, the pool is now run by as a community enterprise, by the people, for the people.

In September 2020 - despite the crazy year we all had - Jubilee opened it's new geothermal pool: "natural salt water heated to between 30-35 degrees by our very own geothermal well." It's the first heated lido of it's kind in the UK and has received incredible support and £1.8m of funding to make the project happen.

I haven't been in the geothermal section yet but with a toasty 20 degree day we really didn't need it! The Rude Health event included early morning access to the main pool, with poolside yoga, unlimited coffee and a complimentary Rude Health granola breakfast which was delicious. One hot coffee and one iced coffee was ideal pre and post swim.

The Rude Health event was a one-off but I hope they'll do some more... otherwise, if you're super local then there is a season ticket option which I would definitely do if I lived a little closer. We were swimming about saying how great it would be to have a lido in Falmouth (although I suppose we don't really need it - we're already spoilt for choice!)

The pool has a lovely cafe overlooking the water, and also offers massage, reflexology and facial beauty treatments from their in-house therapist Rachel. These are also available as gift vouchers which would make a lovely treat for someone.

On a practical level - we were so lucky to get literally the last space in the long stay car-park opposite and the on-street parking was totally full by 7.30 on a weekday morning. BUT, this was a reasonable sized event which may have made it busier, as well as it the beginning of silly season and absolutely stunning beach weather this week. Maybe it's quieter at other times, or there are alternatives to park? If anyone knows, let us know!

Overall, I'm so so glad I visited the pool and I'd never been before and the event was the perfect motivation. Penzance is out of my normal 'comfort zone' of where I really know where I am, and it was great to head west. I'm definitely keen to go and spend some more time exploring the town - it's had a hard time but there are definitely some gems there that I'm keen to get to know. I think I fgot the same overall impression from the pool; it could do with another lick of paint and some fancy sun loungers if they were trying to 'upgrade' the look, but it's fun and clean and totally functional as it is. This is a space where I'm sure tourists are welcome and provide valuable income, but it also feels like a genuinely accessible local's space.

I also cannot WAIT for the dog day... just before the pool is drained at the end of the season they're allowed in to play. My own dog will only paddle to his knees though so I might need to borrow a more water-obsessed one!!

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