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What Can I Expect From A Women's Beach Circle?

If you're new to gathering in circle, you might have a few questions about what happens and how they can help our wellbeing...

Before I'd been to one, I wondered how a dedicated women's circle would be any different from a group of friends chatting - I was curious about the need to mark out time and work with a facilitator. Would it be any different from a normal conversation? After my first circle, these questions answered themselves. It was such a supportive and powerful space - hard to articulate in words, but I will try and do so here to give you an idea of what to expect.

'Holding Space'

By coming together in a circle, each person has consciously carved out time for this connection - both to themselves and to others in the group. Phones are away, attention is focused, and nobody is trying to keep half an eye on children or dogs who have wandered half-way down the beach! There is an agreement to be fully present and listening for the time we are together. This alone can be huge in our modern daily lives.

We set the scene by choosing a beautiful environment and I will create a centre piece which our circle will surround. This is both a practical focus point, as