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Winter Day Retreat With Charlotte Lodey Aligned

Last week I journeyed up to Newquay to join life coach Charlotte for her first 'Winter Day Retreat' of sea swims, connection with like minded women and some 2021 vision boarding... all my favourite things in one!

We gathered in the morning for a check-in and cup of coffee to get to know each other, before exploring some of the science behind articulating your vision, and how vision boarding can be used to inspire and bring about change in our lives.

I absolutely love creating anything visual, but like many others I feel held back by thinking 'I can't draw', so using found imagery and collage is one of my favourite techniques. Once you've given me those scissors and glue, I get into such a 'flow' and you'll have lost me for hours! There is such a gorgeous atmosphere in Charlotte's studio and it's a beautiful space for getting creative.

After a gorgeous lunch of hot homemade soup, we ventured to the hidden harbour in the centre of Newquay for a crisp winter swim.

I'm opting for my shortie wetsuit for my sea swim adventures at this time of year, but some brave souls took the plunge in just swimming costumes and bikinis! There's always something to work towards if I'm feeling like an extra challenge...

After a challenging month personally, spending some time on myself has been really important and do you know what - this time I didn't feel guilty about it AT ALL!

There are lots of crossovers between mine and Charlotte's work - especially in terms of Blue Health Coaching - and I could have created a vision board or gone for a sea swim by myself, but that would be totally missing the point.

Retreat days like these are about holding space, giving people permission to turn inwards but also to feel supported by a nourishing community. Even if you work in wellbeing, it is so valuable to make that time for yourself to reflect and grow. This week, I have started to feel like myself again, because I committed to taking the time to get back on track. If you're in any doubt at all whether spending time and money on yourself is worth it -it is! Be selective about experiences which will serve you, and invest in yourself. Nothing else is more important!


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