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Workplace Wellbeing: How To Support and Nourish Your Team

Employee wellbeing at work is becoming more recognised and spoken about than ever before, which feels like huge progress in the right direction. Once acknowledged as a priority, I wonder how many leaders feel that they know how to start taking action?

Sometimes this might be designing and implementing an over-arching wellbeing strategy, and sometimes it could start with creating a safe environment to open up those essential wellbeing conversations.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) 'Health and Wellbeing at Work 2022' report uses data-led insights to pose important questions to ask within your organisation. The full report is here, and below are some key highlighted recommendations:

"Incorporate an understanding of employee lifecycle health issues as part of your

organisation’s health and wellbeing strategy."

"Use opportunities such as national wellbeing calendar events and campaigns

to promote awareness and available support."

"Work to understand the risk factors and causes of presenteeism and leaveism in particular departments and teams. Are workloads, targets, deadlines and management expectations realistic?"

"Promote and embed flexible working practices across the organisation so people with a health condition and/or disability can flex their hours."

"‘Management style’ continues to be a major cause of work-related stress, showing how harmful the health impact can be if organisations don’t equip line managers to perform their people management role in the right way. Ensure they are supported and trained to be an effective people manager and to look after health and wellbeing in their teams."

"Develop a strategic and holistic approach to ensure health and wellbeing priorities are integrated across the business."

Starting Wellbeing Conversations

In my wellness coaching work, I create environments where people can feel safe and supported to talk about their wellbeing, and are able ask for what they need.

Strategies and plans only work if they are actually aligned with what team members are thinking and feeling, not what designers imagine or assume that people might think or feel. Listening seems like the logical first step.

There are several ways that this could be done, either individually or in group sessions.

The tone and style of these should be bespoke to what feels appropriate for your organisation - people need to feel comfortable enough to share honestly.

Confidentiality within the space and clear expectations from what everyone hopes to achieve from the session are essential.

Ideally, each member of the group can find some empowerment and ownership of the conversation (even if they are perhaps a little resistant to opening up in this way if this isn't yet 'normal' at work.)

We also have a lot of laughter and fun! Creative and outdoor activities can help to balance deeper conversations with genuine time to connect and spend time with colleagues in a different context.

Working With Me

I deliver bespoke group wellbeing sessions in Cornwall, Devon and online, using a balance of reflective journaling and curious, explorative discussion within the group. If it's appropriate for your team we can integrate meditation, vision boarding, mindful walking, paddleboarding or sea swimming. There's nothing like cold water to break down barriers and bond a group!

I have flexibility around when and where it would be best to hold your wellbeing session, and we will can discuss these details in our planning meeting. I will meet with you as the organiser and find out what you'd like to get out of the session, and how we can best achieve that with your unique group. Prices start from £190 for a 2hr session, or £400 for a full-day programme.

It's such a pleasure to do this kind of work and see real transformation in teams and groups, even in a short space of time.

I'd love to hear from you and create something that is just what your workplace needs -

Emily Wheeler, Coach & Workshop Leader.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness Coach (ICF accredited)

Blue Health Coach (ICF accredited)


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