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Writing for Quiet Confidence: Workshop Collaboration with local CIC Quiet Connections

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting an online Writing for Wellbeing workshop with Stacie from Quiet Connections - a wonderful local organisation who provide support and community connection for those of us who feel a little more 'quiet'.

Social anxiety can feel different for everyone, but quietness and introversion is something that so many of us can relate to. Quiet Connections celebrate these gentle, quiet qualities as well as providing practical resources for overcoming the aspects of quietness that might be holding people back. I spoke to Stacie about how writing can help on their recently launched podcast - and you can listen to the episode here.

We planned a specific 'Writing for Quiet Confidence' workshop which explored our feelings towards the word 'QUIET' as well as some longer-form storytelling and self reflection exercises. It was my first workshop hosted online so was a comfort zone stretch for me too! Having the cameras off for participants was a lovely touch to make people feel comfortable, but I was definitely glad to see the lovely Stacie and Lizzie's faces on screen alongside mine.

We had some wonderful interaction through the chat function where people could share their ideas and reactions to the writing prompts, as well as some gorgeous feedback afterwards.

It's always so wonderful to hear positive feedback after the sessions, and inspires me to keep creating more opportunities for us all to connect through writing.

If you'd like to hear about future opportunities for writing workshops or any of my other wellbeing sessions, you can sign up to my newsletter here or follow Strength in Feathers on Instagram and Facebook.

Best Wishes,

Emily x


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