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How Often Do You Let Yourself Follow Your Curiosity?

I try and do it as much as possible. If something sparks my curiosity and captures my interest, I try and explore it, even if it’s not ‘part of the plan’. Sometimes this means a five minute web search, sometimes it’s reading a new book, sometimes it’s attending a new training course or workshop. 

emily wheeler in cornwall

Particularly with being self employed, I find that I give myself rules around what’s 'on topic' and what’s not when it comes to my work. In some ways this keeps me on track, but in others it can be really restrictive.

There Are No Rules:

I have an ongoing dialogue with myself that’s it’s okay if my work covers more than one thing (even if this makes it slightly more complicated when people ask ‘what do you do?’) The days of a one-word job description are fading fast, with terms like 'multi-passionate' becoming more mainstream.

Currently I:

✨ Create content for small businesses on a freelance basis 


✨ Host retreats and workshops with wellness coaching, journaling and yin yoga. 


✨ Write a wellness blog and write features for magazines. 

freelance writer on laptop

Variety is the Spice of Life?

Variation in my work keeps me moving and motivated, rather than getting stuck on one thing, which can easily happen if I lose confidence or get in a slump.

For example, at the beginning of this year my workshops and retreats weren’t booking well at all, so I paused them and focused on my content creation work, because that was flowing much more effortlessly. 

Now, having just done my Yin Yoga Teacher Training, I am so inspired and fired up to add this into my work and offer retreat days again. I have just booked in a retreat day at Trebah Gardens for September, and during this we'll also do a creative vision board session which is amazing for free-flowing ideas and letting go of strict expectations.

Finding Community:

One of my favourite things about Cornwall is how many people are doing several different things. I don’t know that many people with just one job! Multiple career interests seem quite normalised here and that's something I love about the clients I work with.

Your Reflection:

How have you let your curiosity and freedom to explore shape your work? Take a minute to note down how your work has developed and expended. Did it seem like a natural progression at the time, or does it make more sense in retrospect? I love hearing stories about how one idea grew into another, so if you've got a good tale to tell, send me a message!


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