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A September Fresh-Start for Small Business Owners

Especially for those of us working individually or as sole traders, the summer can be a strange time for business, and by the Autumn we can really benefit from a reset of energy and refresh of inspiration or guidance.

I'm offering specific 'Small Business Support' 1-2-1 sessions from September as part of my wellness coaching work. They'll be bespoke to your individual needs, but will include:

  • A check in with where you are right now.

  • A vision for where you'd like to be going. (Often it's helpful to look at this in a short period, like until the end of the year. What is still going to happen for you in 2023?!)

  • Acknowledgement of anything that's feeling hard, holding you back or slowing you down. What's happening, what effect is it having, and how can you best manage it?

  • A positive list of what you need going forwards.

  • A practical plan of how to move things more into alignment with where you'd like to be.

Whenever I make structured time to check in with these points and honestly reflect, I find myself taking big steps forwards in my work and it's such a worthwhile investment. If you'd like support with your own September check-in, you can book in with me at The Wellness Hub in Falmouth or we can do a remote session via Zoom.

During September all sessions are £40 (and after that will be £45) - just book a regular 'Wellness Coaching' slot and message me to say that it's a Small Business Support' session 😊

Bring your notebooks, big paper and coloured pens - or come and use mine!

If you have any questions just email me ( ), and if know someone who would love a session like this, please do share this post with them.

Emily x


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